Research & Development

Drug Discovery & Development Approach

Our approach to drug discovery and development relies on proprietary genomic technology to identify gene targets, which are then progressed by means of structure-based design techniques through to the development stage. Fundamentally, this approach to drug discovery and design aims to improve our ability to select promising drug targets in the early stages of the process so as to decrease compound attrition rates during the later, more expensive stages of drug development. We devote more resources initially to enrich the target selection process, so that we focus our efforts on targets that have a higher probability of yielding successful drug candidates. To this end, we have assembled an integrated suite of sophisticated discovery and design technologies, together with highly skilled personnel.

Our approach has been highly productive to date, yielding eight internally discovered programs.

In our development programs, we have been an early adopter in the use of biomarker analysis to help evaluate whether our drug candidates are having their intended effect through their assumed mechanisms. Biomarkers are proteins or other substances whose presence in the blood can serve as an indicator or marker of diseases.

Research & Development