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Clinical Trials

Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals is currently evaluating the following oncology drug candidates in clinical trials:

  • Fadraciclib (CYC065) is a highly selective, second generation inhibitor of CDK2 and CDK9 that causes apoptotic death of cancer cells at sub-micromolar concentrations and is bioavailable via oral and intravenous routes.

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  • CYC140 is a potent inhibitor of PLK-1 with high selectivity. It thwarts the dividing cells to overcome the G2/M transition that leads to apoptosis of the cells.

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  • Sapacitabine (CYC682) is an orally available nucleoside analogue with a novel mechanism, interfering with DNA synthesis by introducing single-strand DNA breaks leading to arrest of cell cycle progression in G2-phase and development of double-strand DNA breaks.

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These candidates are experimental drugs under clinical investigation. They are not approved for human use.


Research & Development